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March 21, 2005



I've been friends with Ellen since December 1988, and this is the first I've heard of her mother's bunny boxes. What other secrets are you hiding, Ellen?


My life is an open book.

David (Ellen's brother)

Wow! What memories… That and Whitman's Candy.

I don't know if you remember Mom's office on 17th St. and the time we discovered the closet full of candy samples.

Here was a room that would make Violet Beauregarde blush. It was filled from floor to ceiling with packaging examples from the past 15 or so years of business. The best part was, they still had candy in them!

I remember the day I discovered the secret stash. I felt like a young Indiana Jones finding the treasure of a lifetime. Immediately I summoned my assistant (Ellen) and we began to explore this cache of untold ancient history.

Of course, no monumental expedition would be complete without taking some samples, so we began our scientific excavation, strictly for research purposes of course.

Quietly we slipped open the antiquated containers and began taking samples. “This one’s white chocolate!” “I found a Hershey’s bar!” “Yummmm, chocolate easter eggs!”

All this free chocolate was just too good to be true! More tests were needed and we plunged deeper into the ‘Samples of Doom’ closet with a frenzy that only a sugar shocked child could conjure.

Package after package was violated, its contents ransacked in the name of science never to be seen on the face of the Earth again.

Suddenly, a beam of light shone into the closet and cast a golden glow upon the treasure in my hand. Did someone bump open the door? Did a light come on? Or was this divine intervention? The cause may never be known but the effect was earth shattering!

As that light glowed upon the relic in my hand I couldn’t help but notice something was not quite right. My treasure, my coveted idol, that great chunk of bunny chocolate still in its paper and cellophane sarcophagus seemed to move. Was that fur on the Bunny? Is this thing alive?

I stood there transfixed for what seemed to be as long as this thing was old, staring unblinking at the slowly morphing effigy. The “fur” was moving as if it was blowing in a slow motion wind, soundless.

BUGS! Millions of tiny mites swarming all over my bunny idol doing the mite equivalent of a stadium wave! I frantically searched the other empty sarcophagi scattered about the closet floor. More mites, or at least the remnants of their respective mite herds.

My throat gagged, my stomach heaved my assistant’s face went white. Fear welled up inside me and I knew the worst was yet to come. . Maybe mites would be rushing out of every orifice in a full blown mite-a-thon? Surely we would be rushed to the hospital for a complete chocolatectomy How would I go to school? Hey, maybe I COULDN’T go to school!

When the panic finally subsided I decided to do what I always did best, act casual and ignore the situation. However I still had to be sure, so in my best “I didn’t do it” nonchalant tone, I took a package to my mother and said “Hey mom, this candy has bugs in it.”

To which I got the reply “How much did you eat”?

Awww Mom!


Hello, I found this page through Google searching for "Busy Bigby". I love the artwork on bunny boxes, and just received a "Busy Bigby" today. I get chocolate bunnies every year from my mother, and while I'm eating it, I admire the box, and even like to make things out of the boxes when I am finished, because they have such cute designs. I've always enjoyed the smiling little faces, and how happy the characters look, as does my Mom. I can't believe I stumbled across someone who was related to the designer for this. The artwork is amazing. I'm happy to have found this little personal bit about the artist. It gives it more meaning.

Have a lovely day.

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Granville Lochrico

Chocolate packaging attraction is essential. I'm sorry about your mother. I bet you're very proud of her because, if I were you, I would be. Also, just like you, I love free samples - especially if it's coming from your favorite brand.

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