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May 04, 2005



This brings to mind the caller to a New Jersey radio station who said they saw a woman drive through a toll booth while eating Chinese food with chopsticks and steering the car with her elbows.


ughh.. The guy across from me on the B-line was demolishing a swiss cheese, pepper, and sausage sandwhich today, napkin-less, dropping pieces of cheese on the T floor.. Other passengers should not be allowed to induce you to vomit, should they? Seems unfair, somehow.


Yes, it's totally unfair. I don't understand people who go about life on the T as if they are not on the T - I've also seen people clipping their nails. Ewww. And, re: the lady with the chopsticks - don't let the fact that you're driving through a toll booth interfere with your lunch.

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