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May 06, 2005



I have to have a Peteena - eBay, here I come! I actually remember Flower Dolls. If I didn't, I would think this whole thing is a bizarre hoax made up by Ellen. The doll I really wanted was made of rubber, had changeable rubber wigs, and even had clothes made of rubber! I got her as a birthday present in the mid-60's. It was one of the few times my mother gave in and actually bought me the tasteless piece of crap I asked for. I can't remember what this doll was called and can't find her on eBay. Does anyone know what I'm talking about??


I must have Peteena as well. And I have a confession - I am currently bidding on a Dolly Darling/Sally Field/Flying Nun doll, but I'm losing out to someone named "Faeries. I have never bid on anything on eBay, but I must have this doll. I will see if I can find anything out about your rubber doll; she probably had a name like "Rubberhead Rosie."


It's late, and after seeing little 'Biafra Barbie' I don't think I'll sleep very well.

'Mary Kate Poodle' is also quite disturbing although not too dissimilar (in attire at least) to some of the pets in my grandparents building.

I think those other dolls are looking at their creator, or perhaps captors, as if to say "what the hell were you thinking?" I'm sure of you search hard enough you'll find "roller-girl darling" on EBay somewhere.

These dolls just confirm something I have known since childhood. Firecrackers were invented for a reason!

As for me, I am happy with my 'Brian' figurine from Family Guy. He's the family dog and the only intelligent creature on the show. He sits at my desk with cigarette and martini in hand and reminds me that there are still good role models out there.

Karen Fleming

I had a Little Miss No Name doll when I was little. She was my very favorite toy ever. I asked for her for Christmas because I wanted to give her a home. It's too bad others don't have the love of a toy that I had for her.


Hey Lisa! I know what you are talking about! I realize this is a year late, but her name is Twinkie and she is hard to find in complete. Best to buy her in the box so her peices are not missing. I like Peteena, she is weird! Little Miss No Name doll is creepy, I rather prefer Blythe for a big eyed dolly!

Costume Doll

A friend of mine has a collection of dolls that looks like that and they are really cute.



I remember when I was a kid, I wanted Peteena sooo bad for Christmas, and Santa Claus didn't disappoint me. I got my Peteena doll, along with some of her fashions. I still have my Peteena, but I need to find patterns for some clothes for her.


I have been thinking of the rubber doll too and couldn't remember her name but I can see the box as plain as day. I think mine had a brown ponytail and all the rubber clothes. Wish I had saved it. Also had a Tammy doll with her bed and all the things go with it.

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It was one of the few times that my mother actually gave up and bought me tasteless piece of shit that I ordered without any familiarity.

Jordan 6

Maybe you got annoyed at hearing a popular female doll say that to little girls.

radii supras

I "like" you on Facebook. Would love these for my oldest boy!

supra for kids

Ban on women driving should be considered world wide... :-) I would never allow my wife driving my car.. :-)

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