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May 30, 2005


Beth Kujawski

It's not just you. It's them. It's all them, Dunkin' Donuts bastards. I ordered a large decaf with cream and sugar a couple weeks ago, and honestly, I poured it down the drain when I got to my mom's house. The coffee tasted burned and the cream must have been rancid or something. It was undrinkable. So rest assured, your sanity is safe. I'm your dad's friend Beth, and you're welcome for the link on my blog!


I visited a Dunkin Donuts a couple of weeks ago and ordered a medium hazelnut, cream and sugar, and a medium regular, cream only. One of the pots (I couldn't see whether it was the hazelnut or the regular) wasn't full enough to pour a whole cup. The clerk used the other pot to top it off. I said, "One of those was regular, one was hazelnut." She said, "Yeah, I know, that's what I gave you." I said, "I saw you pour coffee into BOTH cups using the SAME POT." She insisted she didn't. That was my last visit to Dunkin' Donuts.


they always screw my order up. Or something is wrong with it...they're all bastards. And half of them don't speak english so its even worse to get your point across with a langauge barriar. just kill me now all i want is my coffee. >.<

Dana M. Sion

Check out this Boston Comedian,
Jim Lauletta does a whole bit about how bad Dunkin Donuts is to people! He also has a video of one of his shows live that he does his "DD bit". Drop him an E-mail, let him know what you think about the double D's


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