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June 03, 2005



I love to read newspapers even though a lot of what they print is debatable or questionable.


I recently gave up on the T for my commute after 10 years of a downward spiral in service - one horror trip too many - but I also experienced these pleas from the train crews. My thoughts were:

-often I read the Metros left lying around, when I didn't get one at the station. Recycling is good.

-the T is run so poorly and cares so little for it's customers that I show them the same lack of respect in return. I do, however, throw out my cups and food items.

-how about putting trash receptacles on the trains? (I know, I know, bombs and all... hey, at least the terror alert announcements aren't happening at every stop any longer!)

Ellen - great posts, BTW. You're as cynical as I am!


Thanks! They will start to kick up the terror announcements when Bush's poll numbers drop below 20%. I love those announcements about being alert and telling someone if you see anything suspicious. I recently saw a suitcase sitting, personless, at the top of the Alewife escalator (which wasn't working, of course). I told two T employees. They didn't seem that interested. But it all worked out, because it belonged to the perky woman who sells Spare Change at the station.

Fancy Pants

Our tax dollars pay to clean and maintain the T stations, as you well know. So why should we remove our own papers, if we paid for them to do it? We are paying for it no matter what. So, let them worry about the trash.

Having a fresh paper sitting next to you on the T is a joy. Its free delivery. On the Commuter Rail of course ,there is a better selection. You even get free seat side delivery of the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal, if you catch a ride at the right time and place.

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