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June 15, 2005



Erg. I'm gonna go disinfect myself now.

Beth Kujawski

Ew! Ew, ew, ew! I'm shuddering! Ew! Who are these idiot people who don't have an ounce of decorum?! I don't care if you have the most pedicured feet on the planet, you don't put them on a table in a public place! Ew!


I wonder what makes someone think that this is okay? Was he raised by apes?

Lee Anne

Amazingly, just last week, I saw someone put their SHOES on a table at Starbucks. Said shoes were off the feet. I almost said soemthing, but then just made the decision never to go near it again.


While I am equally revolted at the actions of these customers who are ignorant of what I thought were fairly obvious guidelines to proper social decorum, I am a little concerned at the comments people are making about avoiding Starbucks and all coffee establishments in future. Just a reminder from a former coffee shop employee that in accordance with food safety regulations, these establishments do actually WIPE DOWN the tables with germ-killing cleaning agents and you will be ok! If you are truly horrified at the thought that the table may not have been wiped down yet when you seat yourself for an afternoon snack, please ask the counter staff to do so and you will find them happily obliging more often than not. I'd hate to see a company lose customers due to the actions of idiot patrons. And I swear I am not employed by Starbucks!

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