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November 10, 2005



Yes, the Alewife DD is pretty bad, but even worse is the one at Downtown Crossing, on the outbound side. I used to attempt to get my coffee there when I commuted out to Malden Center, simply because it was a long ride, and nice to have the coffee.

More often than not, though, I would leave frustrated and just wait until I got off in Malden and hit the DD there.


This all started at the restaurant level -- one person takes your order, a different one brings drinks, a third the food, and yet another stops to ask how everything is. Who, exactly, am I tipping at the end of my meal? The DD model drives me crazy -- did they perform some study to determine that the 'One person takes the order, fills the order, delivers the order, rings up the order' system was inefficient? Because this new 'system' is infinitely worse!


This made for an entertaining read that I can relate all too well to (used to manage a Bread Garden restaurant and quit because this very type of management style was being forced down by the higher-ups), but it does beg the question, why do you continue to buy your coffee there?


It's sooo convenient! The chaos isn't a deal-breaker either. It's all writing material anyway.

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