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January 23, 2006



And is it really butter, or is it some hydrogenated vegetable oil abomination dyed yellow?


I had a similar experience in CVS in Hyannis the other day. There was an obviously homesless woman picking up a prescription beside me at the counter. She had a quarter less than she needed, so she turned to me and asked me for a quarter. No big deal. I happened to have one so I gave it to her. No big deal. Well, the staff had a fit. Called the manager over, upbraided the poor woman, and generally made big deal out of of nothing. I guess the homesless shelter nearby sends over its clients to this particular CVS, so the staff there knew the clients well. The staff there is ordinarily really nice to everyone including me. I look after a friend on MassHealth who has multiple prescriptions to be filled, and I am over there twice week, and they are always very nice to me. So it's not that they are not nice people or that they resent poor people in any way. But for some reason, this woman's asking me directly for a quarter bothered their sensibilities. I'm sure they were afraid if they didn't protest, she might do it all the time and bother their customers. But still, it made me realize that somehow we treat people disrespectfully when they don't seem to respect themselves, which makes us pretty small. So I'm glad you bought the butter for that woman. That was nice of you.


When I was kid, I saw a bunch of Pidgeons pecking to death an injured member of their flock. I wondered why they would pick on that poor bird, one of their own, especially when it was in so much pain and need.

Then I grew up and had some hard times myself and realized that the people around me were just like Pidgeons!

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