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February 28, 2006


Mark A

Not to trivialize your near leg-breaking experience, but I think in order for a trip on the T to qualify as "worst ever", it must involve poop. (This has happened to me two too many times during my tenure as a T rider)


Those are both such horrible stories. I wonder how long that guy was riding around on the train?


Yeah, you probably brought that on yourself.

(That was a joke. I realize that you don't know me and can't hear my tone of voice or see my face, so I thought I better explain.)

Poor you! Although I would maintain that while this experience was scarier, the 1991 incident was way grosser. And harder to run away from...since the puke was ON you.

Alison Rose

Good lord--scary! Hope you're doing okay! (BTW, the other story was indeed grosser, but didn't involved the all-important threat to life and--literally--limb.)


Wow... I really must remember to come into the city more often! Geeez.. what a story. Ellen, it was great to run into you at the Kate Clinton show. I'm glad you mentioned your blog. Your stories are hilarious... and gross. I'll have to read back to find this other story the comments refer to. Hey perhaps you should put these in a book at some point --- "Of Poop and Puke" aka Steinbeck ;-)


Sounds like you had a bad ride. A couple days ago I had a man spit on my shoe, start cussing, pull his knife out of his backpack and then simply get off the train at the next stop. Honestly, I could have easily been the poop and vomit person at that point. And here I thought the Red Line was the good one...

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