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April 18, 2006



FYI, they're working on the platforms at Arlington and that's why there's not enough room for three cars. They've got at least a-third of the platform blocked off. Normally it could accoomodate at least four cars, I think.


I don't know which Greenline train you're riding but knowing whether you boarded the 1st, 2nd or 3rd car would seem to me to be pretty obvious.

There aren't many 3 car trains, even at rush hour. If you are on one, the loudspeaker announces repeatedly before you enter the station at Arlington that you have to exit by the front door.

Perhaps you're wearing a device that's blasting sound into your ears that makes it impossible for you to hear the information about the exits that is being broadcast at great volume through the train.

Maybe little girl you should wake up, take your earplugs out, pay attention, and stop expecting everybody to take care of you. Your "Mom" isn't here. If you can't live without her, go home.


Whoa ... someone had a bad day.

I do know a gentleman who woke up, thought the train had pulled away from his stop, opened the door, threw his bags out and jumped out of the moving train to the track bed. Actually, the train hadn't reached his stop ...

He sued the city that operated the station because ... I still haven't figured out why. He lost.


Does this mean you're working again/still? Or just commuting for the blog? ;-)


Who knew a humorous post would elicit so many responses? Karen, I'm still at the current job until about mid-May, so I still have the pleasure of commuting, for blog fodder!

Bill, I'm glad the guy lost, but I hope you weren't representing him!

John, thank you for the information; that's good to know.

Ninya...oh Ninya. Where do I begin?
I. I am not a little girl
II. If there is one loudspeaker for each train, then there is no need to clarify "if you're on the third car." The announcer can simply tell you to exit in the front.
III. Very presumptuous of you to assume anything about my music listening habits on the T. I do not wear headphones on the T. My point is not that I cannot *hear* the information; I can hear the information, but it is ambiguously stated. Perhaps if you understood the nuances of sarcasm, this would be obvious to you.
IV. I have been taking care of myself for the past 25 years. And my mother died 9 years ago, so "going home" is not an option.
V. If you can't understand the concept of this blog (humor and sarcasm), then simply don't read it.

Greg Salyer

Thank you again for another humorous post. Keep up the good work and ignore the adolescent nastiness.

Lee Anne

I don't like you, Ninya.


I generally can't make any sense of what those speakers on the T are saying. Since I'm 54 years old and male, and don't carry any listening devices with me on the train, you might find this surprising, but there it is.


Never mind Ninya, Ellen. Just like she's making assumptions about you without knowing you, I am assuming that she is an angry, bitter person who spends her time looking for things to bitch about.

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