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April 24, 2006



I think I'm even more surprised at HER behavior -- she didn't scream or anything?!


I agree with Karen- I'm suprised nothing was said by her.


Sounds like misdemeanor Assault and Battery to me. Often, there are cops at Park Street. You can always ask the trolley operator to summon the police. They are required to do so when asked.

Of course, assault and battery is not an arrestable offense unless committed in the officer's presence, so the worst he'd get would be a summons. Still, maybe he was in possession of the drugs that made him all jittery. One never knows.

That's what the T police are for; call them.

Lee Anne

Sounds like performance art to me.


Karen, no she just kept going, like it was perfectly normal to get slapped while on the T.

Carpundit, yes I would have been all over assault & battery charges with the guy, but I wasn't the victim. And no police to be found.

Lee Anne, yes, perhaps it was performance art! But then again, this isn't San Francisco...


Kind of too bad that (it sounds like) no one in her immediate vicinity stood up to him either

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