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April 11, 2006



Gosh, but that sucks! I'm sure you already know about it, but do check out CraigsList daily. I've gotten a few good freelance gigs through them. Not that we're in the same field, but you know what I mean. GOOD LUCK!


I know of a marketing project manager position, but it's in Burlington. Do you have PM experience?


Bummer on the lay-off. But tying this in to your last post, the medical studies do pay. You could go into that line of work, which would give you blog fodder. Just sayin' -- sorry about the job.


Well, we're a healthcare shop, but AthenaHealth is always hiring. Check us out at www.athenahealth.com Maybe it's time for a change?

And on the blogging front, the pay isn't great, (strictly volunteer) but we do love a good rant at www.airamericaplace.com Look for me there, I'm your loyal TriSec/moderator.


That sucks Ellen. You're so talented though; it's hard to imagine you'll be out of work for long. If you end up looking for shorter term work or part time in the meantime, you might consider adult education. I don't know if you've ever taught or if you'd be interested, but programs often look for subs in GED and ESL classes, and there are almost always part time teaching jobs available.


That's awful, Ellen! As the other commenters have said, you're too talented to be out of work long. Wish we had something for you where I work, but I'll keep an eye out. Keep us informed of your progress, please!!

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