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August 12, 2006



Ugh, I would have wanted to say, "Hey, guys! Would you f***ing mind moving your f***ing conversation over to the other f***ing side of the f***ing room?" But of course I wouldn't have said it. Sigh. If it happens again, I think you'd be within your rights to ask the manager to step in.


Sometimes I am ashamed of being a male.


I hate the word titties almost as much as I hate the word panties.


Oh no, not penis, that would be like breasts.
Titties requires, dicky or Ralph (see early Judy Blume books for reference)cockie, dinky.
Penis is too upscale for those two.

Lee Anne

Welcome back Ellen! Great to "hear" from you again!

Scott Lemieux

"ready to start lifting eight WHOLE pounds of dumbbells, and these two musclebound gym guys were standing a little too close to me"

I'm intensely space-protective in gyms, for some reason. It always bugs me when someone takes the machine next to me and there's another one free (with certain dubiously justifiable and gendered exceptions.)


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