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August 25, 2006



Oh, Ellen, Ellen, Ellen, you couldn't spell it then, and you can't spell it now (last sentence of the third-to-last paragraph).
: o )
But today we'll just chalk it up to a typo.


Beth, oh dear. I have fixed the typo. Thank you!


PLANXTY? Holy crap. P.S. You forgot about the Tickle deodorant.


Are you telling us that you no longer wear the silver jacket? That saddens me greatly ... excuse me while I play a planxty.


Oh - my - God. That is hysterical. I learn somethng new about you every day. And for the record, I had the same hair style as you -- but never would I be seen in a silver, shiny jacket. Not ever.

Lee Anne

That is the best picture ever. Did they hang a sign around your neck? Did you use Long & Silky after shampooing three times? Incidentally, my work dictionary (admittedly paperback, but a Webster's) doesn't have planxty in it. I'd sue.


this must run in the family. (I was in regionals in 8th grade).

At least you got a friggin' dictionary.

Alison Rose

Spelling bees. Sigh. I can so relate though I still haven't had the heart to write about the time I was ROBBED of my chance to go to the National Spelling Bee. I'm still a good speller, though--they can't take that away from me, at least.

Great story, as always, and glad to see you're back posting more again!

Ignatius Dedd

You should sue.

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